November 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

photo © David Frutos Ruiz

I stumbled across this beautiful photo of a loop-shaped house on the internet and did some digging.  Apparently it is created by architecture office Subarquitectura.  Casa 360 is sitting on a sloping plot of land with a mountain backdrop in Madrid, Spain.  The design is beautiful and so unconventional, that it took me by surprise.


photo © David Frutos Ruiz

Secretely always wanted to become an architect when I was growing up but I kept getting called out for not being able to draw straight lines with a ruler, so I never pursued that plan.  I also heard it’s very hard and takes quite a few years before you get your license.


photo © David Frutos Ruiz

Although I’m sure it is worth it for them!  They get to create some of the most badass looking buildings in the world.


photo © David Frutos Ruiz

I wonder if the shape of the house will affect the furniture the owners can use.  I’m guessing the curve is big enough so that the lines of the house are mostly straight.


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