Tron: Legacy [merchandise edition]

December 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am really excited for the up-coming movie Tron: Legacy, which will be released in theatres Dec. 17.  I never seen the original Tron, so I can’t say I’ve been a dedicated fan since the beginning.  However, the trailer for the movie have raised my expectations to unbelievable heights.  When I watched the trailer, it left me hanging and wanting to know more.

I wish I knew enough about the original movie and story to write a full blown analysis.  However, I will spare myself from embarrassment and just highlight some of the coolest Tron-inspired toys/arts/design out in the virtual web:

Street-Legal Tron Light Cycles:

via wired

The Tron bike in the movie is by far the most badass thing I have ever seen.  Daft Punk’s new music video Derezzled highlights just how cool the bike is!  Parker Brothers Choppers built this bike, which features a steel frame, fiberglas bodywork and a Suzuki TLR1000 V-twin engine.  You can actually buy this thing for $55,000 and drive it on the streets.  Yes, it’s actually street legal.  Can you even begin to imagine how cool you would look driving on this bike?  This is on my X-mas list, just fyi.

Tron Motorcyle Helmet

The badass Tron look wouldn’t be close to complete without the helmet.  This helmet (I think Daft Punk has this) is a limited edition Tron themed helmet created by luxury Parisian motorcycle helmet maker Ruby.  Can’t find a price but I’m guessing it is very VERY pricey.

7R0N Watch

Outer ring represents the minutes and inner ring represents the hour.  Via Tokyoflash

Tron Cupcakes**:

Just found these on my favorite cupcake blog and I couldn’t resist updating this post.  Check these delicious Tron cupcakes created by  B Sweet (based in LA):

Who would have thought to decorate cupcakes via Tron-style?  genius!

There are millions of fantastic Tron inspired designs out there;  definitely go check out Threadless!


I guess I’m not the only one getting caught in this Tron wave! 😀


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