Dentsu: Beautiful Paint Sound Sculptures

December 19, 2010 § 3 Comments

Creative agency Dentsu put together a creative and beautiful ad for Canon Pixma called Bringing Colour To Life.  Essentially, they shot a series of paint sculptures, created by sound vibrations.  Paint drops were placed on top of a membrane, which wrapped around a speaker.  When music plays from the speakers, the vibrations cause the paint to jump into the air, creating these amazing shape or ‘sculptures’ for a split second.  High speed camera were used to capture these shots.

I love the concept of color being a living thing that has movement and shape, instead of just a characteristic of a thing.  I also loved the idea of colors and sound mix together.  Scriabin, a Romantic period composer had synesthesia, a condition wherein one experiences sensation in one sense in response to stimulus in another.  He sees sounds in colors, which link-up to the Circle of 5ths.  Can you imagine being able to simultaneously hear and see music?  It blows my mind and I wish I had synesthesia just so I can visualize sounds and colors naturally.

The ad itself is beautiful, not too sure of the product itself but loved the concept.


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