Flying A Kite

November 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

There’s something innocent and peaceful about flying a kite. I think it has to do with standing around in an open, breezy space with colorful kites just soaring in whatever way the wind guides them, with no goal or purpose but just simply enjoying the moment.

I’m not sure why both Teddy and I had the urge to fly a kite but it came up in conversation so frequently that we added it to the list of things to do. Finally, about two weeks ago, preparation (buying kite) and timing (beautiful afternoon) met and gave us the perfect kite flying opportunity.

Sun Yat-Sen Memorial hall is known to be the kite flying hot spot ever since I was young. It’s close to Taipei 101 and is a rather beautiful, low-key location. I’m not sure what the story is behind kite flying at the memorial hall but given any weekend, it is packed with kite flyers.

Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall on a beautiful sunny day

The kite we bought had awesome Transformers on it, for a grand total of NT99 (US$3).

trying to figure out how to put this thing together

The beautiful weather drew a large crowd to the memorial. There were little children, tiny dogs and sounds of laughter as far as the eye can see.

laid back sunday afternoon

Setting up...

go go go!

Though there was plenty of sun, the day was rather lacking in the wind department. We quickly learned that flying kites is no picnic. Both of us got some pretty good cardio time in just by running back and forth trying to get the kite up.


some other kite flyers

There were tons of families around and it was rather endearing watching little kids attempting to fly a kite. Mostly they give up and the daddies end up with the task of launching the kite in the air. I think most of the dads were secretly thrilled that they were given an excuse to run around like a little kid again. A lot of them looked reluctant to give the kites back to their kids when they were asked.

more kites in the air

I got my fair share of adorable kids and puppies that afternoon as well. Kids are so awesome, all they want to do is play, have a good time and laugh a lot; definitely what I’m about :]

one of the adorable kids that was smiling at me

I spotted a few kids running around with a plastic bag attached to a string; quick makeshift kite. They didn’t exactly fly, but she didn’t seem to mind very much.

girl and plastic bag kite

Teddy finally getting the kite up

panoramic shot of the plaza



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