Ringing In The New Year – Thumbs Up Taiwan!

January 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

NYE 2012 was surprisingly awesome for me since this was my first time going out to celebrate New Year’s (for more details, hit up my other blog here). I sincerely hope the world doesn’t end this year so that I can have another go at it next year!

I loved how characteristics of Taiwanese society and culture is so prominently displayed during large social events such as NYE. People are very polite and courteous to one another, even though we’re all squished together on the streets. Large groups of friends and family gather together for BBQ/cook-out. Though there is trash on the streets, it seems that people at least make an effort to toss all the trash in a distinctive pile. Just some observations I made while I was semi-intoxicated and being distracted by the number of food stalls that have sprung up from nowhere.

My favorite was the motivational messages/new year blessings that appeared on the scrolling text on Taipei 101. I think it’s a pretty great reflection of Taiwanese society and culture:

"Happy 快樂"

"Taiwan 台灣 Like 讚"

I almost pissed my pants when this text scrolled out. This is the most iconic building in Taiwan, and the scrolling text has a “like” and a thumbs up, just like on facebook. Whoever was planning these messages had a sense of humor for sure.


Then this one came out after that last one and I think I did piss my pants a bit from laughing (just kidding, only almost). One like isn’t enough, gotta have two thumbs up.

As a collective society, we love the whole thumbs up “like” button/action. I didn’t realize how serious it was until I notice the thumbs on the print ad for the presidential campaign:

This is our current president FYI

I absolutely cannot stop laughing whenever I see this print. Clearly they wanted to reach out to the younger demographic with the social media references and the QR code, but I’m not exactly confident with the creative execution. This is not something my ad agency would put out (snob)! The elections this year will be pretty exciting I’m sure! It’ll also be my first year voting, so I’m feeling rather powerful these days.
I love my country, I think we have a lot of character as a whole 🙂 We may not be all the refined but at least we have a sense of humor!

So happy to be here and looking forward for the rest of 2012. Happy New Year’s everyone!


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