Observing Europe – Part II (Luxembourg)

February 28, 2012 § 102 Comments

Luxembourg is often considered the stuff from fairy tales, with the abundant castles, the picturesque valleys and the romantic atmosphere infecting everyone that steps foot into the tiny country. I almost cried when my dad causally brought up that we should just skip Luxembourg and head straight to Germany.

it was love at the first sight

Sunday is probably the worst days to travel in Europe since everything is closed. I was disappointed that nothing in Luxembourg city was open that day. Not only was nothing opened, it was freezing and no one was in sight – a hint of resemblance to a ghost town. The only perk was not having to deal with hoards of tourists squawking about. After a while I became used to the stillness and I refocused my attention to the elegant architecture and stunning scenery. Luxembourg sits on precipitous cliffs, which suddenly drops into deep valleys and circled by two rivers. It was clear that the city was built at a place of strategic military significance. The old walls and towers still surround the city, making it almost too easy to imagine the bustling city life during the middle ages. It’s so different from Asia where everything was built in the last century or so.

I would love to live in one of these houses 🙂

absolutely stunning views of the old city

I mentioned the street arts prevalent in the city of Brussels in my last post. Luxembourg has one of the highest GDPs in the world, as it boasts a bustling city that is considered a huge banking and administrative center. For that very reason, I somehow assumed that I wouldn’t see street art/graffiti in Luxembourg since it doesn’t seem to…match.

I found this on the wall of a church…

slightly taken back to see Obama in Europe

I loved seeing the stencils of famous figures in our culture. They are EVERYWHERE in Europe. I felt like a Pokemon trainer trying to “catch ’em all!”

love Janelle Monae

So, my assumptions were dead wrong. I love discovering street art but it still feels a bit jarring to see stencil graffiti on old buildings and walls. It definitely adds a different kind of favor to the old city. Thoughts?

The Gëlle Fra monument

the pensive guy

the streets of Luxembourg city

The cream of the crop of my Luxembourg leg had to be Vianden Castle. This castle sits on a magnificent promontory that looks over the tiny town of Vianden.  The interiors of the castle wasn’t as impressive at the exterior, very cold and uncomfortable looking unlike the glamorous, blinged out Versailles.  It was absolutely stunning, with the blue roof tiles and breathtaking views. It really did look like something from a fairy tale storybook.

BOOM. Fairy tale castle!


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