Draw Something…Anything!

March 31, 2012 § 5 Comments

Being completely and utterly swamped at work these past few weeks has left me exhausted and frustrated. With long hours, bitchy clients and unsympathetic bosses, it’s been hard to feel excited and inspired about anything lately. It’s like you develop tunnel vision when you’re stressed; all you can see are the things that bother and irritate you the most. Thus, it’s even important when you’re stressed out to take a step back, chillax and start appreciating the little things in life that are awesome. So despite being unbelievably bitter these days, I still want to share some of the more awesome things that life holds.

One thing that I have been getting ridiculously addicted to is that Draw Something game. I didn’t even know about it until my Taiwanese coworker ran over to my cubicle last week and asked me what “Tebow” was. I enthusiastically demonstrated what Tebowing was in the middle of the office, only to receive the most quizzical looks ever. Only one coworker (who’s from Boston) burst into a laughing fit that  could have been easily mistaken as a seizure. (Glad someone appreciated my Tebowing at least)

It’s amazing how differently people draw to convey a word. Some people are naturally great at drawing while others scrap by with just simple lines and shapes. Regardless of how good the drawing is, everyone seems to get their point across (usually). That’s probably why the game is so popular; everyone can play and it’s surprisingly fun to see what your friends draw.


I’ve decided to document several common trends that I’ve noticed during these past few days while playing.

1) The two-step: You draw something and you try so hard to make it look good the first time. However, the harder you try to draw within the lines, the more of a mess you make. Then you gotta start over and try something new.

Part 1 - Barber!

But sometimes the first drawing was actually better than your second one

Part 2 - ...Someone getting a head massage

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Observing Europe – Part III (Amsterdam)

March 11, 2012 § 5 Comments

Going to Amsterdam was a spontaneous decision. The Netherlands wasn’t part of my (poorly planned) Europe itinerary and now that I think back on it, I’m not sure why.

It was a freezing cold Saturday and my dad was  already in hibernation mode and firmly entrenched on the sofa. I could barely see his face as he was submerged under a rather impressive  mound of blankets.  Trying to coax him to get out of his nest and to drive us 2+ hours to Amsterdam was like trying to separate a fat kid from his half-eaten chocolate cake. Fortunately for me, I mastered the puppy eyes as a young child and my mom perfected the “she’s-only-here-for-two-weeks” speech. Between the two of us, we managed to guilt trip my dad to abandon his blanket cocoon and into the driver’s seat.

the beautiful canals

During the drive up, my eyes eagerly embraced the lush green pastures, a variety of farm animals, and quaint countryside. Once we left the border of Belgium, windmills began to slowly emerge into the view. The numerous pictures and travel shows I’ve seen all my life slowly developed into something real and tangible, as those same images began to unfold in front of my eyes. It was exhilarating.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Amsterdam. Friends who have visited before, bring back stories of getting high, tripping out on shrooms and watching tons of (unforgettable) sex shows. I have a great relationship with my parents, but I have no desire to watch any sex shows or do any form of drugs with my parents. It’s bad enough when nudity comes up when you watch a movie with your parents, I can’t imagine how awkward it would be to watch a sex show in Amsterdam. No doubt it was going to be a rated PG trip.

One of my marketing projects during college was to write a marketing business plan. My group somehow decided that we wanted to sell bicycles in the Netherlands since apparently everyone owned a bike. Turns out we picked a severely competitive and mature market to try and enter (hence the low marks) but I was attracted by the idea of a bike-friendly environment. I never lived in a city where bikes were the primary form of transportation, so I was pretty intrigued to see how the city would look.

i have never seen so many people on bicycles in my life

Tempted to buy a bike myself!

i love how bike-friendly this city is!

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