New year, new projects

January 15, 2015 § Leave a comment

Whether you’re a believer of creating New Year’s resolutions or scoff at those that do, it’s hard not to feel the sense of a fresh beginning as we usher in a new calendar year. Whether it’s the blogs recycling their ’10 ways to stick to your new year’s resolution’ article or your local gym pushing out discount memberships for those that are finally ready to shed some weight, the hopeful, infectious verbiage is scattered everywhere.

This year, I’ve decided to share my goals with everyone on this blog. One big part is because I want to start writing more (this new year’s cliché is killing me as I type it) and the other reason is to introduce a new and rather ambitious project that my sister and I are working on.

2015 goals:

1. Read 12 books by the end of the year – My reading goal last year was 20 and I smugly thought that would be an easy goal to accomplish because “I’m super nerdy and I LOVE reading <3”. I finished 2014 with a disappointing 6 new books read. This year, I’m lowering my reading challenge to a (seemingly) more manageable 12 books. Feel free to recommend new reads in the comments or over at Goodreads.

2. No technology (phone or laptop) 20 mins prior to sleeping – Smartphone addiction is a real thing and it’s scary. Everyone is compulsively checking their phones, even if there’s nothing to check. Real life is beginning to resemble scenes from Her already. I’d like to curb my overage daily usage, shutting down just before hitting the sack and using that time to read seems like two birds one stone.

3. Blog once a month – Not even going to bother explaining this one.

4. Go somewhere new in Taiwan every quarter – Taiwan is a stunning island and there are still so many places I want to visit while I’m still here. There are tons of great places I’d like to visit abroad in 2015, but the grass is pretty green on this side of the fence and it needs to be frolicked on.

Physical Well-being & Rock Climbing
– 1 day of cardio a week
– 1 day of rock climbing a week
– 1 day yoga a week
– Complete all silver routes at the Xinyi climbing gym and one yellow route
– Pass my belay test
In addition to my goals for 2015, I’d also like to introduce a new project my sister and I are working on called ‘The Postcard Chronicles‘. We’re both huge fans of writing and receiving snail mail (proof), so much we’re making it a goal to send one to each other every week of the year. We’ll be documenting the postcards received, our love for snail mail and other awesome things that happen. Keep an eye out for updates!
Disclaimer: This post has been sitting in my drafts for the past 2 weeks. I’m doing OK so far!

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