Just A Walk

November 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

The boy is an active person, much more so than I am. While I would choose to stay in bed to nurse a hangover, he would rather wake up early to hike and catch the rare Taipei rays during this time than waste time being indoors.

Thus, I have gotten more outdoor time, hiking trips and images of beautiful scenery in the past few weeks than I have in the first 5 months since moving back. I’ve discovered a delicious little French restaurant that serves amazing brunch 2 blocks away, a large traditional market with every type of fresh produce, lots of small parks and a handful of narrow alleys with a lot of character.

I completely forgot that there was a river fairly close to my apartment. There is a nice path and a lot of open space around the river banks for people to walk on.

the bridge near my apartment

The river itself isn’t very impressive. Like any other river running through a city, the water was rather murky and unpleasant. I was rather impressed to see fishes leaping out of the water at periodic intervals. Though we couldn’t figure out what type of the fish would lurk in such dire waters, we somehow came to the conclusion that it was probably mating season.

The unexpected garden

Along the banks, we stumbled across a very large and well attended garden. I’m assuming the Taiwanese government owns the land around the river but this garden was very clearing tended by private individuals that just wanted a space for themselves to grow ┬ásomething. Having a yard or a garden in Taipei is unheard of since everyone lives in apartment buildings. Seeing green and having some space is a rare commodity in Asia, so it isn’t too hard to understand why someone would be tending a garden far from their own homes. There were a few middle aged women watering the flowers and being chatty. The flowers were beautiful and were as tall, if not taller than me, forming a slightly isolated flower wall.

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trees, flowers and unicorns

January 23, 2011 § 2 Comments

Having a large memory card for your camera means that you never have to delete another picture again. Besides transferring my pictures to my computer, I barely go through them all; I usually just pick out the ones I am looking for and just leave the other ones as they are. Today, I decided I want to declutter my memory card and just delete all those ugly, blurry, why-the-hell-did-i-take-that pictures that have laid dormant on my hard drive. I am never going to look at them, I don’t like them, why keep them? It is the same theory I apply to decluttering my environment. I am no pack rat.

Here are some of the pictures that I do like and wanted to share. They’ve all been taken sometime this month. All of them are just scenery; lots of trees, flowers and some rainbows. I like taking pictures of nature because I don’t have to ask their permission to take their pictures. Plus, I like trees, flowers and rainbows a lot :]

i spy a rainbow

different rainbow, different day but same magic

my favorite trail

taken on a really really foggy day

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