100 Years Before the Birth of Doraemon

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100 Years before Doraemon's Birth Exhibition!

100 Years before Doraemon’s Birth Exhibition!

For those of you that are scratching their heads in confusion, let me back up a few. Doraemon is a Japanese comic series about an extremely intelligent robotic cat (Doraemon) from the future, that travels back into time to help a rather miserable, often bullied young boy named Nobi.  Doraemon owns a magical pocket, which allows him to conjure up thousands of different gadgets, tools and potions. Most of these special tools are used to help get Nobi out of his sticky situations that arise in his daily life.

This year, 2013, marks Doraemon’s 100th pre-birth year.

What Doraemon originally looked like fresh out of the press

What Doraemon originally looked like fresh out of the press

Pre-rat Doraemon

Pre-rat Doraemon



Though Doraemon originated as a Japanese Manga, he’s been a staple part of many Taiwanese childhoods. It wasn’t uncommon to find the neighborhood kids swapping the comic books, watching the tv show before dinner, and eagerly saving up our allowances to watch the latest Doraemon movie.

One of my favorite gadgets was the Dokodemo door, which allowed you to travel ANYWHERE by simply passing through the entrance. The door had a mind of itself, figuring out where the user wants to go without so much of a hint. It’s perfect for any quick escapes.

The other equally badass gadget is the Time Machine, which is located in Nobi’s desk drawer. You use the knobs to pick a time and travel through a time vortex. In the comics, Doraemon, Nobi and the rest of the crew would go on epic journeys into space or back into prehistoric times when dinosaurs still roamed earth.

Doraemon and his time machine

Doraemon and his time machine

Besides time travel, the capabilities of the gadgets and tools available would boggle your mind ! There was all sorts of things such as creating a clone so you don’t have to go to class, magical pens that can automatically writes down the correct answer on tests, a cloth that can reverse or fast forward time, gravitational paint that allows you to walk upside down, a phone where you can call and order anything…the list goes on and on. Anything your mind can think of, Doraemon will most likely have it in his pocket.

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Clever Elevator Ad for Kagatani Knife

March 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

Being uprooted and relocated is never an easy process. In the past month or so, I’ve seen myself being uproot and relocated in a small island across the world. The whole thing can be described as interesting, exhausting, exciting, nerve-wrecking (or wracking), and constant stimulation. I’ve sat down a few times to try and blog what has been going on in my life, but mostly I just become overwhelmed by contradicting emotions.

However, I have made mental bookmarks of all the awesome finds and observations during my move. I’ll be slowly posting them up in the next few weeks!

This clever elevator ad was created by GREY Tokyo, an ad agency in Tokyo, Japan for Kagatani Knife:

(Images via Ads of the World)

I love how visually stimulating the whole concept is. You’re eyes are immediately drawn to this bright red lobster, probably wondering in hell its on the elevator doors. When the doors open and the knife is slowly revealed, everything makes sense. It’s simple and delivers a clear message.

I’m not sure how effective this elevator ad is in terms of prompting people to take action and buy a Kagatani Knife but I love it when companies do things out of the norm. Sometimes advertisements don’t have to prompt action and translate into sales and figures. Sometimes it’s just nice to appreciate a creatively executed advertisement for what it is.

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