Nike Print Pack: Shoes Made from Old Magazines

January 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

Nike just released the Women’s Premium Print Pack, a limited edition set of three shoe styles, all made using shredded magazines.


These shoes are wearable, with regular soles, strings and padding. The recycled magazine material is laminated.  Currently only available in Europe, China, and “select emerging markets.” (Via Co.Design)

What a fantastic idea to reuse unwanted material! They look really awesome too, not at all cheap or anything. Total win Nike. Any guesses on how much these will be? My cousin says $400 :]


The LXD: Elliot’s Shoes w/ Harry Shum Jr.

December 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Harry Shum Jr. caught my eye when he first appeared on Glee.  He didn’t have a large or memorable role but there are just so few Asian American actors on TV that he just stood out.  The entertainment industry is a difficult industry to succeed in, especially since the roles for Asians to play are limited (there’s the wise Kong-fu master and the nerdy guy as stereotypes go).  Thus, it’s always nice to see an Asian actor or actress make it big.  It was fantastic that the producers of Glee write in a larger role in the second season.  Shum is no longer relegated to being the back-up dancer.

Besides being a phenomenal dancer, I believe that Shum still has some equally captivating acting skills we have yet to see.

The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers or LXD is a web series that follows the character developments from two rival dance groups, the heroes (LXD) and villans (The alliance of the dark).  Characters tend to be ordinary people who each discover their extraordinary powers in a unique fashion (dancing).  The series showcases some amazing choreography, definitely worth checking out if you are into dancing.  I haven’t watch the complete series but you don’t need to watch every episode to appreciate the creativity of each segment.  I thought Harry Shum Jr.’s performance in Elliot’s Shoes was fantastic.  In the episode, he discovers a pair of magic shoes that seems to have a mind of its own.  Initially, the shoes seemed to have taken over his body when he put them on but eventually Elliot gains consciousness and control and becomes one with his shoes.  His facial expressions and gestures really convey the idea that the his shoes and not his mind are controlling his body movements.  Totally worth the 7 mins to watch his performance:

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