trees, flowers and unicorns

January 23, 2011 § 2 Comments

Having a large memory card for your camera means that you never have to delete another picture again. Besides transferring my pictures to my computer, I barely go through them all; I usually just pick out the ones I am looking for and just leave the other ones as they are. Today, I decided I want to declutter my memory card and just delete all those ugly, blurry, why-the-hell-did-i-take-that pictures that have laid dormant on my hard drive. I am never going to look at them, I don’t like them, why keep them? It is the same theory I apply to decluttering my environment. I am no pack rat.

Here are some of the pictures that I do like and wanted to share. They’ve all been taken sometime this month. All of them are just scenery; lots of trees, flowers and some rainbows. I like taking pictures of nature because I don’t have to ask their permission to take their pictures. Plus, I like trees, flowers and rainbows a lot :]

i spy a rainbow

different rainbow, different day but same magic

my favorite trail

taken on a really really foggy day

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Making Statements With a Chopstick Tree

January 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Chances are you will see a pair of disposable wooden chopsticks on your table when you eat at a Chinese restaurant. A seemingly harmless item and part of the eating-out experience. Plus, it teaches you how to hold and use chopsticks correctly! Not many people give it a second thought as they dig into their General Tso Chicken.

Yet, if you think about how many disposable chopsticks are used on a daily basis and the amount of waste it generates, you might view those seemingly harmless chopsticks a little differently. The amount of waste generated by disposable wooden chopsticks is pretty mind-blowing. According to the China Environmental Protection Foundation, some 25 million trees are required to produce disposable chopsticks a year.

To raise awareness of this problem, the Chinese Environmental Protection Foundation turned to DDB/Ogilvy for suggestions. The group  collected 30,000 pairs of used disposable chopsticks and constructed a 5 meter high tree. After placing it in a busy part of Shanghai, they chopped down this tree to further drive the point home. A sign laid out the consumption statistics and warned: “Our trees are enough to feed us for only another 20 years.” Volunteers handed out reusable chopsticks to passers-by. (via Magical Urbanism)

Image: China Environmental Protection Foundation

There are many other similar campaigns carried out in China (check this site). I thought this project was well executed because it grabs your attention and gets the point across. Most people probably never gave disposable chopsticks much thought and I like to think that these campaigns might give people something think about while the walk away from the exhibit. Disposable utensils are an incredible waste of resources for a very minimal benefit. Making the switch to reusable isn’t hard, it just has to be a conscious decision.

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